Waste assessments can vary in scope from the entire organization or community to just a kitchen or a commissary. They are a great way to visually and tangibly understand baseline data.

Our waste assessments and reports provide you with a step by step guide on how to achieve your sustainability goals. By analyzing your assessment data, we are able to identify and prioritize landfill diversion activities such as: low hanging fruit, cost savings, procurement alternatives, “green”/sustainable marketing, infrastructure, training, and more.


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Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Office Building, School District, College, etc.
Who currently provides your waste pick up? (Recycling, Trash, Compost) What days does your waste get picked up?
Do you have any organization-wide sustainability goals that you are trying to achieve? If not, do you have any overarching goals that you'd like to pursue?
Our in-person assessment takes between 1/2 an hour to a few hours depending on the scope. Let us know a few dates that you might be available for an assessment.
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