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Are you an individual or a family looking for zero waste alternatives? We offer services and local resources that will help you go zero waste in your home or in your daily life.


Small & LARGE Business

Restaurants, corporate offices, coffee shops, and more — if you’re looking to pursue zero waste or other sustainability efforts at your business or where you work, look no further.


Whether you have a comprehensive plan or not, we can help you start your journey or continue along a path to sustainability for your municipal operations and your residents.




Waste Assessments

Waste assessments can vary in scope from the entire organization or community to just a kitchen or a commissary. They are a great way to visually and tangibly understand baseline data.

Education & Training

Implementing a zero waste program? We are here to offer workshops, presentations, assemblies, staff training, you name it, we got it.

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Packaging & Materials

We offer a large catalog of compostable and recyclable products that can be used for food service, catering, or your backyard party.

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Greenhouse Gas & Natural Resource Inventories

A baseline GHG inventory and NRI are the foundation upon which an organization can develop measurable goals and actions to reduce its environmental impact.


Green Special Events

Weddings, festivals, and other special events can go “green” through proper planning and execution.

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CLimate Resiliency Planning

The goal of a Climate Vulnerability Assessment is to understand how climate hazards can impact assets or important systems.


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