For renters and apartment or condo dwellers, compost pickup services are a great option. We have partnered with compost haulers to provide you the best compost hauling pick up service out there. These services will drop off a clean, empty bucket, and retrieve your full compost bucket, on a set schedule - you can typically choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Because these services compost using larger-scale processes, they can often handle things that at-home composting couldn't, like meats, oils, citrus peels, and more. To sign up with one of our partner organizations, click below and make sure to let them know you’re from Zero Waste Chicago!



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-Oak Park compost program - Oak Park offers voluntary municipal composting for residents.
-Illinois Food Scrap Coalition - More information on providers that service towns and cities around the state.



-Even if you don't have any outdoor space in which to keep them, we've found that these buckets don't smell at all when kept closed. To minimize having to open and close the bucket, consider keeping your food scraps in a bowl in the fridge or freezer.

-Know what your service will and won't accept; it differs for each service, and it's important to keep contaminants out of your compost bin to make sure that the contents get composted, not thrown away. We recommend hanging a sign above your bin with the Do's and Don'ts to remind you until you get the hang of it.