Composting at Home

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If you have a yard, you can set up a backyard composter, which is an easy, low-maintenance solution. We'd recommend keeping a small bowl or bin on your countertop or in your freezer for food scraps, and when it’s full they carrying it outside to the composter. One of the drawbacks of this setup is that meat, cheese, and other oils can’t be composted because the richer food can attract animals. However, it’s a convenient and inexpensive solution – plus, you'll end up with rich soil to use in your garden.

There are a few other at-home composting options to explore, too. Vermicomposting, pictured at right, uses worms to break down food matter quickly. Nature's Little Recyclers offers a local source for vermicomposting worms and supplies. Or, you can also try bokashi composting.